Behaviour & Safety

Behaviour and safety

Behaviour and safety is paramount to Woodlands, in this section you will find information relating to; CPOMS, Online Safety and other useful links.



Pastoral Team inprint 2

Pastoral Team
"Woodlands School is dedicated to the safeguarding of all the pupils that they care for, to help assist with this, we use CPOMS. CPOMS is an online system where we record safeguarding concerns and the Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) are able to monitor and take action to resolve the incidents. All members of staff on site have access to CPOMS to enhance our coverage of safeguarding the well-being of our pupils."

- Michael Hoare (Learning Mentor)

School Nurse inprint

Nursing Team

Here at Woodlands we have our own qualified and on demand Nurses, they are able to administer medication to pupils who need it.  You can contact the nursing teamby calling the school office and asking to be put through to them. 

Jayne Arthur
Abigail Parr
Jayne Arthur Abby Parr Sammy Palmer 


First Aider at Work/First Aid Trainer


First Aider at Work

Nursing Assistant

Emergency First Aider

At Woodlands School, all safe have Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CRP) training, provided by Jayne Arthur, Our school nurse.
Specific Staff are trained in Emergency First Aid, First Aid at Work and Paediatric First Aid.
This include:

First Aider at Work:

Gini Waight.jpg
Gini Waight

Paediatric First Aiders 

Sarah Cooper.jpg
Teresa Satchell.jpg
Sarah Cooper Teresa Satchell

Emergency First Aiders (Every Class has a trained member of staff)

Alison Stacey.jpg
Becky Good.jpg
Caitriona Harnedy.jpg
Daniel Robbins.jpg
Danielle Davey

Alison Stacey 

Becky Good

Caitriona Harnedy

Daniel Robbins

Danielle Davey

Ella Jefferies.JPG
Emily Wainman.jpg
Georgia Stocker.jpg
Hannah Hawley.jpg
Kariss Brown.jpg

Ella Jeffrey

Emily Wainman

Georgia Stocker

Hannah Hawley

Kariss Brown

Leanne Mathews.jpg
Lucinda Taft.jpg
Michael Hoare.jpg
Molly Perry.jpg
Nicole Neil.jpg

Leanne Mathews

Lucinda Taft

Michael Hoare

Molly Perry

Nicole Hayden

Pam Daniels.jpg
Phil Sower.jpg
Rachel Money (2).jpg
Sarah Hopkins.JPG
Wendy Ling.jpg

Pam Daniels

Phil Sower

Rachel Money

Sarah Hopkins

Wendy Ling

Mental Health First Aider

Rachel Stokes
Rachel Stokes