We have worked hard to develop partnerships with the local offer colleges as well as businesses that provides supported internship programmes for our young people. Last year we had 14 leavers in total that ranges form year 11 up to year 14.

To support our leavers, we map out destinations and possible routes from year 9 onwards depending on the outcomes of their career’s meetings. In their final year we start the transition process from Autumn term with their annual review and visits to the next destination including requesting any additional support form external agencies such as the adult disability social care team and Warwickshire Lift Travel Training service.

We ask that as you leave Woodlands you remain as part of the network so that we can keep in touch and support you in your next destination. You will receive a consent letter to sign in the summer term to give us permission to remain in touch and support our young people.

Below is the summary of the destinations from summer 2020;

Destinations of Leavers 2020


Mainstream College

Specialist College

Supported Internship


Employment including volunteer roles

Total Number of Leavers


North Warwickshire and Hinckley College= 1 student


Coventry College= 1 student


Solihull College= 1 student

Moreton Morrell College= 3 students


Herewood College= 4 students


National Star College= 1 student

MacDonald Hotel (Ansty Hall) = 1 student

The Prince’s Trust Programme= 1 student

Volunteers roles= 3 students




Preparation for Transition 

Potential Destinations

Internships- Supported Internships Information

Cadent Gas, Coventry

National Grid,


Ansty Hall, MacDonald Hotel


Specialist Colleges - Local Offer

·         Heart of Birmingham Vocational College (previously Calthorpe Vocational Centre)

·         Glasshouse College

·         Hereward College

·         Homefield College

·         New College Worcester

·         Queen Alexandra College (QAC)

·         RNIB College Loughborough

·         National Star

·         Lifeworks Hub- North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College 

·         The Whitehouse at Moreton Morrell

Mainstream Colleges - Local Offer

·         North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College 

·         Stratford-upon-Avon College

·         Warwickshire College including The White House at Moreton Morrell

·         Hereward College in Coventry